Saturday, August 10, 2013

Importance Of Data Backup In A Business

A record of business transactions is very important to establish if the business is running at a profit.  Loss of office data can paralyze the operations of a business for many hours until it is recovered. It is important to have a backup plan for your data off site in case you lose the data stored in your office. RAID 10 recovery is used in many offices for data storage. Customer database is very important as it shows the customer’s shopping history. This data enables a business owner to introduce products into the market to satisfy the customers and make profits for the business.

When a business enlarges, it becomes necessary to move to new premises. Data migration is required to ensure that all information is accessible in the new offices. RAID 10 recovery is useful in data migration.  All employees must be taught the importance of data backup. A fire can burn down a building and destroy the data stored in the premises; data recovery will be necessary for a business to get back on its feet. A business requires adequate tools to run well; it is important to get a profession to network your computer systems and monitor your data backup.

Getting RAID 0 From RAID 10 Member Disks

In several quarters, RAID 10 is referred to as RAID 1+0. Usually, it makes use of four drives in the least. If you would like to know the total storage capacity of the array, you need to add that storage capacities of all those drives used by the array divided by two. Sometimes, it is considered quite expensive due to the fact that it uses only a little of the capacity of those drives.

The recovery process sometimes means getting RAID 0 from the member disks of the RAID 10 array. The first step of this should be to have a set of the disks making up RAID 0. To achieve this, there needs to be an exclusion of a disk from every pair. The set that results needs to contain N/2 disks. If there is less than this, you might not be able to fully perform the RAID 10 recovery. Sometimes the controller may fail but the disks will still be fine. In this case, you can resort to use a disk taken from every pair. Avoid the use of those disks that have been mechanically ruined. It is at this point, where you may proceed to perform recovery from the RAID 0. People have proceeded to perform RAID 10 recovery successfully in this manner.


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