Monday, August 26, 2013

Repair Your Clicking Hard Drive

Dealing with the computers is not an easy job. When you are working on your computer, you must be careful in using it in case you have no idea about it works. Because in that case it can prove to be a difficult job for you in order to make it all right on your own. There come times when your hard drive starts clicking and does not respond properly. What should you do about it is a question that many people need an answer for. Here we will give you the right answer for the justified question. By the answer, you would know what you have to do with your clicking hard drive.

When you have got a clicking hard drive then most of the people try to open it and repair it or else just do this and that to try to fix it. But this is a very wrong way of dealing with the problem. If you turn on your computer and your hard drive does not respond and makes clicking sounds in the stead then you should do only one thing. You should turn off your computer right away. When you would do this, you do not need to open and fix your clicking hard drive. Just restart the computer and it would work well. If it does not work even then, you should send it to professional to check on your computer so that no other damage is done.

Handling A Clicking Hard Drive

The motherboard, processor as well as the hard drive can be ranked as the most crucial parts of the computer. The hard drive is in charge of storage of programs installed in the system as well as the files that you may have saved in your machine. When the drive breaks down, the computer user is normally inconvenienced in a huge way. When you notice a computer developing the problem of a clicking hard drive, there is need to take prompt action to back up your data as well as know what could be the cause of the problem.

First, you need to establish that it is indeed the drive that is coming with the noise problem. The fan, for example, can be confused for the hard drive. After this has been ascertained, you will need to know what is causing the clicking sound before the drive dies down on you and caused you much inconvenience. There are a number of ways of knowing the cause of a clicking hard drive. Disk clean-up tools as well as error checker are some of the programs found over the internet which can be used to determine the cause of the clicking hard drive.


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  8. Fully evaluate the problem you are experiencing. If the situation is NOT extreme (i.e. not mentioned in our disaster recovery page), this advice will help you safely get your drive working again.

    If your hard drive emits unusual noises such as clicking, scraping or grinding, turn off your computer immediately. Typically this denotes a protective head failure that threatens to destroy your data. Hard drives spin with extreme speed (7,200 to 15,000 revolutions per minute) and without the head in place damage can occur almost immediately.

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